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FROM THE PRESIDENT                               FROM THE EDITOR

BY THE Ɵme you read this the Society will         SO WE have all got past the fesƟve season
have embarked on a busy couple of months.         and have made our New Year ResoluƟons.
First and foremost, with something to aƩract      (with parƟcular reference to wriƟng for Small
everyone, is IPEX on 24th – 29th March: you       Printer!) Very soon it will be April and the 70th
may already have offered your help or you          ConvenƟon will be with us. As one who has
may be planning to aƩend just as a visitor,       been to almost every convenƟon since 1984, I
in which case I hope that you will visit the      would like to add my voice to our President’s,
Society stand. This is the first Ɵme the Society   to urge you all to consider coming along to
has been invited to parƟcipate and perhaps it     Bournemouth next month. ConvenƟons tend to
won’t be the last.                                aƩract the same people, year on year, and new
                                                  faces (and dare I say younger), are always most
For those who prefer a rather smaller             welcome.
occasion, Surrey & Sussex Branch are holding
their Open Day on Saturday 15th of this           It is at the annual convenƟon that our society as
month. For some years this was a regular          a ‘Society of Friends’ really becomes apparent. I
event held in Crawley but the change in venue     guarantee that you will always go home having
to Merstham, with easy access from the            learnt something further about prinƟng and
motorway system, has proved popular. I am         its associated processes, from the wealth of
assured that bacon rolls and shepherds’ pie       knowledge and experience that gathers: And
will once again be on the menu. If you would      you will have had a most enjoyable experience.
like to bring along something of your own
to sell then contact the Branch Secretary—        I can also ‘leak’ that the arrangements for the
details are on the various Bundle items that      2015 ConvenƟon, to be held in Scotland, are
have appeared over the past few months.           well underway and will be promulgated in full
                                                  at Bournemouth in April.
Last month’s magazine brought the last
Booking Form for the 2014 ConvenƟon. It           Your editor has just got home from a whirlwind
would be good to know that everyone who           tour round the south of England, during which
wishes to go has now booked, but there are        he met BPS members at both the Oxford Guild
always one or two who seem to leave it unƟl       of Printers and the Maidenhead Branch. Being
the last minute. I am reasonably confident         rather isolated up here in the Highlands, it was
that at this stage, with almost eight weeks       heartening to sƟll discover that one discussion
to go, some places will sƟll be available. The    on prinƟng leads to another—and another
Dorset Branch Secretary (details inside the      —and another. Were it not for the fact that I
front cover of this magazine) will be able to     had a plane to catch, we could sƟll be chaƫng
help.                                             in Dorothy Sydenham’s kitchen!

If all goes according to plan, next month         Our society a real treasure trove and repository
should see a difference in the appearance of       of informaƟon on prinƟng, and one of our
Small Printer. The tender process for prinƟng     main responsibiliƟes is to share it, when
it has been completed, with six companies         needed, with others members. To this end I
responding. A new printer has been selected,      have discussed the idea of having a databank
so we are within sight of the editorial team’s    of informaƟon on each member, with parƟcular
long-awaited dream—the magazine in full           reference to his or her prinƟng background,
colour! No doubt Tim and his team will            machines they have run and any specific
welcome your views—so don’t disappoint
them.                                                                                                      ‘ÊÄã®Äç›Ý...

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