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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                    FROM THE EDITOR

                his will be the third issue of Small                o the convenƟon has been—and
                Printer to have been produced                       gone—and once again was a most
                in full colour. I have seen few, if                 enjoyable event, spent amongst friends.
                any, comments within the pages                      Thanks to the Dorset Branch, for all
but my impression is that the colour adds             that you did to give us such a good weekend. It was
significantly to the look of the magazine. The         also really good to see some new members—and
Society has already established a good rapport        some younger members too. I personally got real
with the printers and you may have read               saƟsfacƟon chaƫng to some of these new members
about the company last month.                         during the meal Ɵmes, and being able to impart
                                                      and share knowledge on aspects of leƩerpress with
If all goes according to plan this month’s issue      them. Thinking back to the days when I was more
should have more than a liƩle to say about            of a greenhorn, this was an absolutely vital reason
the Society’s Annual ConvenƟon. Numbers               to aƩend convenƟons where the forum of friends
were a liƩle disappoinƟng but from what I             made it easy to pick up ‘hints and Ɵps’ within a non
could see all those who aƩended made the              commercial environment. So a good reason for yet
most of their Ɵme there. Certainly the effort          more of you to aƩend the convenƟon in Montrose
that every member of Dorset Branch put into           next year, where we are hoping to lay on a range
arranging the event was worthwhile.                   of prinƟng demonstraƟons, aimed parƟcularly at
                                                      the ‘Adana Learner’. And it may be that the more
The cost of aƩending a ConvenƟon seems to             experienced printer will learn a thing or two too!!!
conƟnue to creep relentlessly upwards so the          As the rather depleted ‘Scoƫsh Branch’ is hosƟng
prices for the 2015 weekend, to be held in            the 2015 convenƟon in April next year, I make no
Montrose, will come as a pleasant surprise.           apology for using ‘Small Printer’ to promote this
Granted, you have to get to Montrose, but as          event and persuade you to travel up to Montrose
with Nairn a few years ago many people will           from 10th—12th of April. To this end, each month,
use the weekend as the basis for an extended          there will be a ‘ConvenƟon Corner’ in the magazine
holiday.                                              that hopefully will whet the appeƟte of more new
                                                      members who have not as yet, aƩended this very
The Society is sƟll seeking a volunteer to take       important event in the BPS calendar. (And of course
over from Tony Jewell as AdverƟsing Manager.          not disappoint the regular aƩenders!) You may recall
This was one of the subjects of last month’s          that I have previously menƟoned that it could be
“From the President” and this isn’t going to go       useful to have a data bank of the prinƟng machinery
away. I am sure that Tony would be willing to         and plant that members use; for the reason of
discuss the job with anyone who is interested.        knowing who might be able to proffer advice and
As those who were at the AGM will know,               guidance on the use of similar presses, or help in a
the EC has agreed to keep the membership              difficulty. ConversaƟons with a number of people
subscripƟon at the same rate for the coming           at Bournemouth thought this a worthwhile project.
year but there is a possibility that it will have     Over the next few months I will be discussing this
to be raised in a year’s Ɵme; this possibility        with the EC and working up a way to gather and
becomes almost a certainty if we lose our             record this informaƟon that I hope will be to the
current adverƟsers or recruit no new ones.            benefit of everyone. (See Jack Raglan’s leƩer on
                                                      page 18). Thats all for this month. Please keep your
Not everyone is able to give the Society a few        copy for our magazine coming in—and have a very
hours each month, or willing to take over the         good summer.
adverƟsing. But everyone (and this includes
you) can afford to sit down for half an hour                                                                       3
and write something for the magazine. Please
do it.
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