Page 5 - July 2014
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Young staƟng that procrasƟnaƟon is the thief      Chris Daniels was the producer of the next
of Ɵme. An apt line illustraƟon completes this    leaf, ‘TIME . . .’ digitally colour printed on both
charming contribuƟon, although it was a pity      sides, inspired by the 50th Anniversary of Dr.
about the spelling mistake.                       Who travelling through Ɵme and I did like
                                                  his commentary on life in general. Just one
                                                  point however, Chris - I know that we have
                                                  become used to using the American spelling
                                                  when referring to computer programs but I
                                                  did wonder if it was right to use the American
                                                  ‘program’ when it related to a BriƟsh TV
                                                  programme? The reverse side is a detailed
                                                  memorandum of how he had produced the
                                                  leaf and I enjoyed reading his last sentence
                                                  which stated that “the whole job was
                                                  overseen by at least 5 Adana 8x5’s, well it is
                                                  nearly 2014!”

There are three further leƩerpress                The final contribuƟon was again from Paul
contribuƟons from Sarah BaƩyll. The first being    Hatcher. A superbly printed leƩerpress extract
green on white board with a quotaƟon by Pablo     by the bard himself, Shakespeare, from Troilus
Picasso staƟng ‘It takes a long Ɵme to become     and Cressida ‘Time is like a fashionable host
young’ and is illustrated with a motorbike.       . . . ’ set in 14pt Verona Italic surrounded
The second, a quote from Marilyn Munroe           by perfectly composed Granjon Arabesque
about never having been on Ɵme which is           ornaments. A lovely conclusion to this fine
printed in three colours with a most unusual      publicaƟon which would have been even
but appropriate impressionist illustraƟon,        beƩer if all contributors had allowed for the
undoubtedly of Marilyn. Unfortunately the very    correct binding margin of their sheets, but this
noƟceable spelling mistake rather spoiled it for  is just being picky for which I apologise.
me. Her third leaf is an unknown quotaƟon,
‘Does Time have a line?’ Printed in a mix of      ESSEX BRANCH
large typefaces overprinted in two colours
to give a red line to the brown leƩers – an
interesƟng concept.

Squeezed in between Sarah’s three items is one
by the producer of the cover, Richard Owen.
A hand-wriƩen reproducƟon of his theory of
‘Time’, “shoved through his laser printer and
raƩled off in no Ɵme flat or he’d be out of
Ɵme!” Black on buff card, although I must say,
Richard, that I didn’t have Ɵme, or the ability,
to decipher all your hand-wriƟng so I may have
missed some important aspect of your message
which could be a lesson taught!

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