Page 4 - July 2014
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Rosen Award Entr es 2014

MAIDENHEAD BRANCH                                 been expertly foil printed in red is followed by
                                                  an explanaƟon, laser printed in two colours,
                                                  explaining where the phrase may have come
                                                  from and is illustrated by a nice liƩle roundel
                                                  line block of King Canute. Two inside pages
                                                  change the whole appearance and show two
                                                  beauƟful colour photographs, one illustraƟng
                                                  ‘low Ɵde’ and the other quesƟoning whether
                                                  the photographer would be cut off by the Ɵde.
                                                  The final page completes Bob’s treaƟse on
                                                  ‘Ɵme’ with the thought that “Ɵme is a mystery
                                                  and we should give up trying to master it”.

VERY STRIKING COVERS by Richard Owen              A clever leaf on a pink card from Paul Hatcher
introduce us to the Maidenhead Branch’s           gives a quote from Madonna on not wasƟng
submission on the theme of 'Time'. The books      Ɵme on trying to get the perfect lip colour. It
are cleverly thread sewn in the Japanese          is typeset in Madonna Bold and appropriately
style with the covers being heavy cream           surrounded by Madonna Ronde Ornaments
boards printed in grey, front and back, with      and perfectly printed in two colours by
reproducƟons of ‘MathemaƟcal CalculaƟons’         leƩerpress.
by the personal assistant to Professor S. W.
Hawking dated April 1995. In contrast, they       Another dainty leƩerpress leaf awaits you
are then overprinted in a modern style in red     produced by Andrew Dolinski on cream card,
with the Ɵtle ‘ObservaƟons on the nature of       printed in black and brown. A most unusual
Time’ which gives a very effecƟve indicaƟon        typeface has been used – 12pt. GreeƟng
of the passing of Ɵme and also an interesƟng      Monotone – and I love it. The text is a quote
introducƟon to what awaits inside.                from Oscar Wilde about always being late on
                                                  principle and that punctuality is the thief of
Barry Gilbert’s buff coloured leaf is the first to  Ɵme. Andrew prefers the quote from Edward
be shown and has been clearly laid out and
printed by Desk Jet or the like. An amusing
line drawing of someone trying to pull back
the hands of the clock because ‘There’s
never enough Ɵme!’ is followed overleaf by
a humorous poem using Comic Sans on the
need for more Ɵme.

As we all know, ‘Time and Ɵde wait for no
man’ which is the Ɵtle of Bob Edwards’
contribuƟon of two leaves. The Ɵtle having

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