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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                   FROM THE EDITOR

               N BEHALF of the ExecuƟve Council,                  AM wriƟng this in early December as the
               I offer you my good wishes at the                   final copy date for the January magazine
               start of another year. The EC will                 is required earlier than normal, due to
               meet later this month and will                     Christmas shut-down arrangements. I
review the nominaƟons that have been received        am also about to ‘dash out’ to Barbados for a week,
from those wishing to take the Society forward       to be with my daughter and new grand-daughter,
from the AGM. In recent years there has rarely       returning to the UK with only a day or so to give the
been more than one nominaƟon for a parƟcular         final touch-up and proofing to our magazine.
posiƟon. This could be interpreted in two ways:
either the membership is perfectly content with      As I write, there are absolutely NO contribuƟons
the exisƟng composiƟon of the ExecuƟve Council,      from members to include in this issue of Small
or members simply can’t be bothered with the         Printer. Thus it is the responsibility of your editorial
effort involved in changing anything.                 team to fill the majority of the magazine with their
                                                     own contribuƟons. Repeated requests have gone
Just before the editor went away to visit part of    out to you for copy, permiƫng your magazine
his far-flung family in the West Indies, I had a      to be filled with the interest and an exchange of
conversaƟon with him on the subject of material      ideas that it sets out to do. This is a disappoinƟng
for Small Printer. My opinion is firmly that it is    situaƟon.
not the duty of the editor to write the arƟcles
that appear in the magazine. He, or members          I have menƟoned my ‘disappointment’ to our
of the editorial team, may choose to invite or       President, Chris Green who as Editor for some nine
cajole others to do so and Tim, in his recent        years understands the problem. He will be raising
editorials, has certainly been doing his best.       my concern with the ExecuƟve CommiƩee at their
Some years ago the Society carried out a brief       next meeƟng. The editorial team enjoy trying to
survey to find out what subjects were appearing       give you an interesƟng and varied read each month,
in our magazine and who was providing the            but they do need a LOT more support from you
material. Rather surprisingly, it turned out that    out there. In saying this, I am trying not to sound a
less than one-third of the membership had ever       nagger—winger—or abrogate my responsibiliƟes.
wriƩen anything – and that included leƩers and       However, without a local branch on my doorstep I
Branch reports. That is rather a sorry state of      have liƩle contact with other BPS members, other
affairs. If you are part of a Society then I feel it  than at the Annual ConvenƟon; and thus the feeling
is not unreasonable for you to provide a short       of isolaƟon is perhaps greater than if I was located
piece – even 300 or 400 words – just once a          in a more dynamic area of BPS acƟvity. However, I
year. If everyone undertook to do that then we       would ask you all to consider if you really want the
should once again have a thriving and interesƟng     Small Printer to conƟnue—and if so—understand
Society magazine.                                    that it will only do so with your support about
                                                     prinƟng stories, print discoveries, helpful tricks,
                  Happy New                          words of advice, your printshop or prinƟng press,
                  Year from all                      your recent print producƟons, interesƟng books
                  the Editorial                      on prinƟng related maƩers….et al…et al……So
                  Team, Small                        come on: I know that there are over 400 budding
                  Printer                            journalists out there with something to offer.

                                                     It just so happens that this is the season of New
                                                     Year ResoluƟons and you will have received this first
                                                     ediƟon of 2014 just at the right Ɵme to put “I will
                                                     make 2014 the year when I write for Small Printer"
                                                     at the top of your list.

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