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The publicaƟon under review, is of interest      that designers play every day. Furthermore,
as it addresses the wriƩen language in an        there is an agreed idenƟty side to leƩers. Type
ever changing landscape of choosing (and         communicates, but it also represents, and it is
buying) the right digital typeface/s for a job.  every bit as important as iconography and colour
This has easily become a minefield of complex     when it comes to corporate idenƟty programmes.
challenges for any (seasoned or otherwise)       That is why custom or tailored typography has
editorial designer to master. Veronika Burian    become a very appealing opƟon for companies
and José Scaglione met at the University of      of certain sizes. A typeface sets the tone in which
Reading whilst compleƟng their MAs in Type       an organisaƟon speaks to itself and to others. In
Design, launching the independent type           this sense, having a unique voice is as important
foundry TypeTogether (TT for short) in 2006.     as an ubiquitous logotype, displayed in the public
Working on Retail and Custom/ Tailored fonts,    realm."
TT's self-confessed main interest is finding
                                                 The "more than 500 year old" era of buying
innovaƟve and stylish soluƟons to old problems   type, (sƟll, I am pleased to say) implies a
for the professional market of text typefaces,   physical exchange of moving around heavy
focusing on an editorial usage. Examples of      boxes of lead. In today's modern market of
these can be seen under the hypertext link:      purchasing fonts, mass and weight has given                  into the binary code of zeros and ones. All that
Typography Made To Fit is a twelve page,         is exchanged is a license to use them, as the
saddle-sƟtched, 180 x 280 mm (7 x 11")           actual design of the font (now, classed as a
formaƩed booklet, providing a good               piece of "soŌware") remains the property of
compromise of spread size to quality of          the type designer. Hence, the license describes
editorial. Opening with Why typography is        permissions and restricƟons over how the font
important, a single (2.5") column, sympathises   soŌware is to be installed, used and now, in
with the compositor's task of seƫng mulƟ-        a more increasingly digital era; embedding in
page elements that need to work harmoniously     PDF's; ApplicaƟons or Apps running on mobile
together, using the combinaƟon of mulƟple        /handheld devices, together with formats in
type families and styles. TT highlight that      the Webfont standard. Webfonts are the latest
each design decision must be in tune with the    in the typedesigner's market, economically
contents, the reproducƟon means and the          priced, depending on the website featuring the
rest of the text and images on the page, "[...]  typeface, volume of traffic etc. BeƩer than the
playing an endless game of black and white       oh so familiar few desktop alternaƟves.

  6                                              Logo refinement is TT's most common request
                                                 for custom leƩershapes. "Installing any font
                                                 and typing the brand name does not make
                                                 a logo". TT emphasises the main definiƟon
                                                 of typography as the inherent condiƟon
                                                 that their alphabets are "designed", i.e. any
                                                 leƩer fits before and/or aŌer any other leƩer.
                                                 HypotheƟcally, TT states "If we knew the final
                                                 word that will be wriƩen, we would certainly
                                                 make leƩers differently". InterpreƟng "intenƟon
                                                 of use" as TT being able to modify leƩershapes
                                                 to create a more harmonious, cohesive and
                                                 appealing word shape that work as one off
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