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BPS has become an                                     OFFICIAL

 oĸcial partner for                                   Vacancy
                                              Non Executive Officer
 IPEX 2014!
   The Society is very proud to have             MANAGER
   been invited by IPEX 2014 to become
   a partner for the world-class prinƟng    THE Society is looking for some-
   event at London Excel ExhibiƟon          one to manage those who adver-
   Centre in March next year, and           tise or wish to advertise in the
   naturally we have accepted.              Society’s publications.

   We will be provided with a stand at      If you are interested in applying
   the Show, free publicity, entry into     would you please contact the
   their Show catalogue and lots of         Secretary for more information.
   other advantages. This is a valuable
   opportunity for the Society and not to   Wayzgoose
   be missed.
   Plans are at an early stage and we        Errata: January's Small Printer Vol.50 No.1:
   haven’t yet worked out what goodies             The Wayzgoose arƟcle (page 4-5)
   we will have at the Show to give to
   interested punters, but one thing is     I must apologise for the confusion caused by
   clear - we need your help!               the misspelling of the word “Wayzgoose” as
                                            “Wazygoose” in the Ɵtle my arƟcle last month.
   The IPEX Show at Excel runs for six      It is not the easiest word to immediately spot
   days from 24th to 29th March which       the need for correcƟon—especially for those
   means that we are looking for at         just a touch DYSLEXIC!
   least a dozen Įt and energeƟc BPS        The arƟcle in the Monotype Recorder was
   members to represent the Society.        actually Ɵtled “WAYGOOSE” (the earliest
   It will mean an early start and a late   form of the word) and says that the word
   Įnish for anyone who takes on this       has an uncertain etymology. So I am sorry if
   challenge, but in return you get a       I got you all—including myself—even more
   free look at the greatest prinƟng        confused.
   show in the world! We envisage that      Also, the Wayzgoose held in Grimsby, Canada
   parƟcipants in this exciƟng venture      takes place annually on the last Saturday in
   will wear the new BPS cream polo         April, not the last Saturday of the year. Ed.
   shirt, and if you need one of these,
   please contact the Sales Secretary.

   If you are interested in aƩending IPEX,
   please contact Ron Rookes as soon
   as possible (contact details on inside
   front cover).

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