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ANY eligible* member may be nominated for a position on the
      Executive Council to take office from the 2015 AGM.
                 The seven positions available, are:

            and THREE COUNCILLORS

   Nomination must be proposed and seconded by two eligible*
members in accordance with Rule 23 and sent so as to reach the

        Hon. Secretary no later than 31st December 2014.

     * an eligible member is over 18 years old and has been a member
                      of the Society for at least 12 months.

 A sample Nomination Form can be downloaded from the website:


THE Editor’s task is to receive material and put it into a format suitable for
use by the printer. It may be necessary to solicit material from members or
elsewhere. The Editor is not required to aƩend meeƟngs of the ExecuƟve
Council although he or she may choose to do so.

In preparing the magazine for publicaƟon he or she will have the assistance of
Giles Edwards, who is willing to conƟnue unƟl the end of 2015, with the design
aspects of the magazine.

      The new Editor’s responsibilities would start
                with the May 2015 magazine

A full specificaƟon of what is expected from the Editor may be obtained from
the Society Secretary and both Tim Honnor (the current Editor) and Giles
Edwards are willing to provide further informaƟon if this is requested. Contact
details for all these are inside the front cover of Small Printer.

         If you are willing to consider taking on this posiƟon then please
       contact Peter Salisbury, the Society Secretary, as soon as possible.
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