Page 5 - August 2014
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by Chris Green (76140)

that, in principle, this should go ahead,       • The type of prinƟng work they do – hot
although it was also agreed that publishing        foiling, thermography, die-stamping,
the informaƟon in the Membership List would        book-binding, etc.
not be the best way to promulgate it. It was
also generally agreed that simply including     • Any specialist knowledge they have –
a form in the next Bundle and hoping that          about paper, ink, prinƟng processes
members would complete it and return
it would produce the same results as the        • Any items of equipment that they are
inclusion with the MAF menƟoned above –            prepared to lend or hire
that is, pracƟcally none. There would also be
the not inconsiderable difficulty of designing    The easiest way to do this, nowadays, is
a form that was both comprehensive and          via email. Simply send me an email (to
straighƞorward to complete.            and include
                                                whatever informaƟon you wish to send
There are two parts to this scheme: one         either as an aƩachment or in the body of the
is the collecƟon of data and the other is       email message. If there is sufficient response
making it available when required. The EC       to this then the resources available to
is not convinced that distribuƟng a form        members will be made available to all on the
and expecƟng it to be completed would be        members’ secƟon of the Society website.
effecƟve; moreover, people’s interests change
from Ɵme to Ɵme and there would be no           Not all members use email: I am perfectly
provision for this. So what has been agreed is  willing to receive a wriƩen (preferably typed)
this.                                           list of equipment and respond to wriƩen
                                                enquiries – but no telephone calls, please.
We should like to ask any member to send in
any informaƟon that they feel may be useful.    There we are, then. The ball is in your court.
This may be, for example:                       If you wish to contribute towards a database
                                                of prinƟng knowledge and equipment then
• A list of the prinƟng presses they use        you know what to do!

• A list of any finishing equipment they use

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