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OU MAY PERHAPS                         unfortunately very few prospecƟve members
         HAVE READ THE                         entered any informaƟon on to the form and
       LETTER FROM                             so the pracƟce was disconƟnued. It could
       JACK RAGLAN IN                          be, of course, that all those years ago most
        THE JUNE ISSUE OF                      people wishing to join the Society were just
SMALL PRINTER ( PAGE                           starƟng to print and therefore they had liƩle
1 8). HE IS IN FAVOUR OF                       to offer; they were in the posiƟon of seeking
ADOPTING THE EDITOR’S                          help rather than being able to give it. During
I DEA, THAT A ‘POOL’ OF                        the past decade there has been at least
MEMBERS’ KNOWLEDGE                             one survey of members asking for similar
SHOULD BE COLLECTED                            informaƟon; again, the response was minimal.
ALL MEMBERS, PERHAPS                           In more recent years we have the various
BY INCLUDING IT IN THE                         provisions and requirements of the Data
MEMBERSHIP LIST.                               ProtecƟon Act to comply with; one of these
                                               states that informaƟon must not be collected
THIS HAS NOT BEEN A NEW IDEA. Some             and stored unless there is a valid reason for
older members may recall that many years       it. This is the reason why the Membership
ago the Membership ApplicaƟon Form did         ApplicaƟon Form no longer asks for a date
indeed request prospecƟve members to           of birth – the Society does nothing with the
include their interests; the idea behind this  informaƟon, it does not need to know this
was to construct a pool of knowledge, with     and so there is no reason for us to ask for it.
the intenƟon that any member seeking           However, there is a reasonable argument for
assistance about a parƟcular machine or        the collecƟon of informaƟon concerned with a
technique might have a ready source of         member’s equipment and skills as this can be
informaƟon to hand. It was a good idea:        used to put one member (who has the skill) in
                                               contact with another (who requires the skill).

                                               This topic was debated at a recent meeƟng
                                               of the ExecuƟve Council and it was agreed

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