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FROM THE PRESIDENT                               FROM THE EDITOR

hope that you have been                          ou will see our President’s

enjoying the recent issues of                    response, to the idea that

Small Printer as much as I have.                 members should provide details

There is liƩle doubt in my mind                  of their prinƟng equipment,

that the present-day magazine                    so that there can be more of

far surpasses that of a few years ago. The one an exchange of experience throughout the

thing that has made a big difference is the use of society. (Only the other day, was I talking with a

colour—the previous restricƟon of using colour member who has a TP 48 and wanted to know

only on a four-page spread made preparing the the circumference of the end roller bearings). I

magazine very difficult at Ɵmes.                   believe that informaƟon exchange is just one of

I do edit—and have done for some years—two the prime reasons for belonging to the BPS, in
Family History journals (fortunately, these appear that we can help each other and in the process,
only quarterly). Apart from the cover, neither of get to know each other beƩer too.

these uses any colour; and yet, because of the I would also like to menƟon that whilst our

nature of family history, this isn’t a problem.  magazine is now produced in full colour, this

AŌer all, the majority of ‘historical’ photographs, has NOT raised the prinƟng costs. In fact we are

cerƟficates and documents were only ever in paying less than we did for black and white with a

monochrome anyway.                               two page colour spread. What has increased are

Compare Small Printer to that of five or even     the postage costs, and this is reflected in part,

two years ago and the difference is immediately with the increase of our annual subscripƟon.

obvious. Much of that is to do with the          I would also like to menƟon that whilst the

appropriate use of colour throughout: but we are editorial team are most grateful for the increased

also fortunate in having a very talented graphic supply of copy from members, please be aware

designer amongst our membership who manages that your ‘bon mots’ may not immediately see

to find the Ɵme during his busy life to bring our the light of print. Due to the other commitments

magazine to life.                                of all the editorial team, we are having to start

I believe the considerable improvement in        to prepare the outline of next month’s magazine
the appearance of our Society magazine is        as soon as the previous copy has gone to the
also having an effect in aƩracƟng more of the     printers. Inclusion of your arƟcle may therefore
membership to contribute towards the content.    not be immediate, as it will depend on the
Please let this conƟnue!                         availability of space and the requirement for
                                                 some arƟcles to get immediate aƩenƟon. We try
If you live within travelling distance of        and acknowledge all copy received, but at the
Wokingham, in Berkshire, I urge you to make an   end of the day, have the overriding decision of
effort to aƩend the Maidenhead Branch Open        whether to publish—and when.
Day on 27th September. A great deal of effort
goes into arranging this and if you are able to  Finally, you will see the booking form for next
aƩend you won’t be disappointed.                 year’s ConvenƟon to be held in Montrose in
                                                 April 2015. Some special plans are already being

I hope that Branches are well advanced with their programmed for this major event in the BPS

entry for the Rosen Award, urged on perhaps by calendar. So please get your booking forms in as

the review of last year’s entries. It never fails to soon as you can and persuade as many of your

surprise me how much care, Ɵme and effort goes member friends to come north with you and

into producing a most aƩracƟve piece of work, enjoy what will be a really special weekend—

only for it all to be let down by a few missed   with of course a “Scoƫsh Flavour”.             3
spelling mistakes or other errors.
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