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ADANA NEWS                                               Bob Richardson (9718)

LETTERPRESS printers are an endangered          to be off her food. Keepers noƟced that her
species, but recent press and television
coverage in connecƟon with Adana has            appeƟte was poor and the zoo’s veterinary
concerned another mammal much closer to
exƟncƟon.                                       team kept a close eye on her health. Sadly,

On 27th October last year Edinburgh             Adana was found dead in her enclosure on
Zoo’s pygmy hippos, Ellen
and OƩo,                                        Tuesday  28th January. A post-
pictured                                                 mortem was carried
in the
naƟonal                                                  out to discover the
press with
their new                                                cause of death but
baby, a
decidedly                                                the results are not
cute bundle
of blubber                                               yet known.
named Adana
by zoo staff. The                                         Meanwhile, over
name comes                                                on Ebay, the
from a west                                               millionaire’s
African word meaning “her father’s                         shopping
daughter” and has nothing to
do with the liƩle hand-presses                              website, Adana
favoured by many readers of                                 prices conƟnue
Small Printer. Adana rapidly                                 to soar.
became a popular visitor
aƩracƟon and the close bond                     In recent
between mother and daughter                     weeks I’ve seen four
was especially noƟceable. Pygmy hippos          new, 18pt Monotype corner ornaments
are an endangered species and their numbers     (described, as-ever, as “rare”) for the Buy-It-
have been drasƟcally reduced by hunƟng          Now price of £6.99. On the basis of that sale
and habitat loss. Edinburgh Zoo is part of a    price my workshop could well make me a
Europe-wide breeding programme for pygmy        millionaire. Wood type conƟnues to be sold
hippos and 18 have been reared there since      at a premium by sellers who appear happy
the 1970s.                                      to break up founts. The minimum price for
                                                any piece of wood type is now around £5
Ellen and Adana were something of a success
story for the zoo, but the tale has an unhappy
ending. In January the baby hippo was seen

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