Page 5 - April 2014
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Peter White (10385)

FOUNDED as an anƟdote to the hustle and
hassle of life in commercial prinƟng, members
of the Slow PrinƟng Society seek the calm and
tranquillity of amateur print-shops.
In a world of no deadlines, members pursue
only Ɵme to reflect. They tend to finish work
in plenty of Ɵme for lunch and 'do-it-now' is
absent from their phrase book. Rush jobs are
unheard of, nothing is marked urgent, Ɵme is
never of the essence foreever finding Ɵme 'to
stand and stare'.
Most members belong to the leƩerpress
cognoscenƟ but pracƟƟoners of other prinƟng
processes are welcomed.
MoƩo exchange between members is
encouraged. A prize is occasionally awarded
for an original phrase that reflects their creed.
Recent winners include:
 ÿ Why not put it off unƟl I find my

    'Round Tuit'
 ÿ ProcrasƟnate, procrasƟnate
 ÿ Hang on a bit can't you?
 ÿ There is no Ɵme—like the day aŌer

 ÿ Half a mo'
 ÿ Gone out for a long wait, back later
 ÿ I'll do it someƟme soon
Membership costs the prinƟng equivalent
of a peppercorn: a muƩon quad. Unusually
perhaps the Society pays the lifeƟme
subscripƟon to the member. At present
applicaƟons cannot be accepted unƟl new
membership cards are reprinted.

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