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PRINTERS' PLACES               The translaƟon of the LaƟn inscripƟon on the
                                        rear side reads: “Johannes Gensfleisch zu
THOSE OF YOU who have visited the            Gutenberg / Honouring (his) home
Gutenberg Museum in Maintz will,                town the City of Mainz / whereby
like me, have been entranced by the                once / throughout all of Europe
memorial statue to Gutenberg in                        / ciƟzens contributed (funds)
the centre of the city. The bronze                        / in order to erect this
panels show spectacular skill in                           monument.
their casƟng, but also depict in
beauƟful detail on each of                                 As no authenƟc image of
the four images, what it                                  Gutenberg has come down
was thought his prinƟng                                 to us, an idealised portrayal
house was like. I hope that                              was created as is the case in
the accompanying pictures                                 most such instances. –ed
speak for themselves. –ed

The following text is taken from
the guide book to the Maintz
City Tour “Tracing Gutenberg’s

THE Gutenberg memorial
statue erected here in this
prominent locaƟon was
unveiled by the Mainzer in
1837. The larger-than-life-
sized bronze statue was
designed by the Danish
sculptor BerƟl Thorvbaldsen
whose disciple H.W. Bissen
cast the work. It shows the
great inventor in a typical
pose, commanding respect,
with his Bible and his
prinƟng type in hand. The
pedestal’s sides portray in
bas-relief working scenes in a
prinƟng house and were also
fashioned by Thorwaldsen.

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