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FROM THE PRESIDENT                                  FROM THE EDITOR

             LTHOUGH being President of                       WRITE this knowing that it will appear
             the Society carries with it some                in the first ediƟon of Small Printer in full
             advantages (I’m sure I could think of           colour. The editorial team have looked
             one, were I given long enough), I do            forward to this for about a year, so a
not see the magazine any earlier than you do        thank you to the ExecuƟve Council who have
– so I cannot, at this point, make any comment      done all the work in draŌing specificaƟons
on the full-colour new look.                        and geƫng tenders in to consider. We hope
                                                    that apart from the obvious advantages of the
As Tim has indicated opposite, however, I           visual aƩracƟon, your magazine will be more
can confirm that this has indeed been a              interesƟng in that the pictures in full colour
 long, drawn-out process. The EC has felt it        will further the impact of the associated texts.
 to be very important that the prinƟng of our       You now have even more reason to send in
magazine is placed in the right hands, as Small     your arƟcles, with suitable colour photographs
Printer is the only contact with the rest of        aƩached of course!
 the Society for many of our members. This is
reflected in the Society finances – last year         I know that there are some that would like
 the prinƟng and despatch of the magazine           the ‘drop dead’ date for copy to be put back
cost a liƩle over £7,000, which is equivalent       to the right, reducing the Ɵme between copy
 to just over £22 per member. With the              closure and the prinƟng deadline. I am certainly
membership subscripƟon currently at £27,            considering this, but am waiƟng unƟl we
you can see that it is incumbent upon the EC        get a couple of months experience with the
 to ensure that we get value for money.             new printers and are able to work up a good
                                                    relaƟonship with them. With three persons
Please heed Tim’s plea for new material. I          on the editorial team, it is sƟll not easy to
 know this is an ongoing problem but Small          dovetail work, holidays, and other events into
Printer really is what you make it. If every        the design and pre-press Ɵme that we already
 member submiƩed just one arƟcle each year          have. And I am not at all sure that changing the
 then it could transform the magazine.              ‘drop dead’ date will result in more copy being
                                                    received. (Apart from the Branch Reports, there
During the past few months my leƩer has             is liƩle of the general content of the magazine
 repeatedly brought to your aƩenƟon the             that is very Ɵme sensiƟve): But I would be
 fact that this year the Society celebrates its     delighted to be proved wrong!
PlaƟnum anniversary. Dorset Branch never
 fails to surprise us with its offerings – witness   By the Ɵme you read this issue, IPEX will be
one of the recent Bundle items – and by the         over and we will be able to tell you how the BPS
Ɵme you read this the ConvenƟon will be only        stand performed in the hurly-burly of the Excel
a maƩer of a few weeks away.                        venue. It would be really saƟsfying if we gained
                                                    plenty of new members from this iniƟaƟve.
I have been fortunate enough (there! an
advantage of my posiƟon!) to see a leaflet           Then we prepare for the Annual ConvenƟon at
about the hotel at which the Scoƫsh Branch          Bournemouth and enjoy all the organisaƟon
 will be hosƟng the 2015 ConvenƟon. The             and effort that the Dorset Branch have done. So
 publicity will start in earnest later this month   we have an exciƟng and busy month ahead.
 but I shall be sure to make one of the first

I look forward to seeing some of you at                              3
Bournemouth later this month.
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