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Alan Brignull accompanied by his charming          February?' A good quesƟon, but the answer
wife Julie had some exciƟng news regarding         does make some sort of sense. We met up in
leƩerpress acƟvity in Colchester. A group at       February (Last year it was in May), because
St Botolph’s have rescued a treadle press          pubs do tend to get a bit crowded around
(a Cropper Charlton we think) and some             Christmas, and a reservaƟon for a group of a
cases of type, and are seƫng up a prinƟng          dozen or so in December isn't always easy to
group in “The WaiƟng Room”, a public venue         arrange. February tends to be much quieter,
for arƟsts. Alan told us that the group are        and booking is much easier (and someƟmes
planning a series of talks by JusƟn Knopp (of      cheaper as well). Another reason being that
Typoretum fame) on 26th March, and Len             travel in December can be difficult for a lot
Friend is lecturing on leƩerpress at a later       of people when the short days mean that
date as well. It was unanimously agreed            travelling oŌen has to be done in the dark,
that the Essex Branch would encourage and          which we prefer not to do. So why meet up in
support this group in any way they can.            Noƫnghamshire? The answer for this is quite
                                                   simple; Newark has very good road links, and
Finally it was good to meet our old friend         mileage works out preƩy much equidistant for
Mike Perry, a member of Essex Branch of long       the most far flung members of the branch.
standing. Normally he is sunning himself in
Turkey at this Ɵme of year, but he had brought     Anyway, the dinner went down well, even
the sunny weather with him to share with us        though by February there was no turkey
all. It was really good to see you again Mike.

Having partaken of a splendid lunch we
wended our way home, our head buzzing
with ideas for the Rosen Award, and happy
thoughts of a day spent among friends. Indeed
our Essex Branch is most certainly a Society of
Friends. You do not have to be a member of
the Essex Branch to aƩend any of our events,
so please feel free to come and join us and
partake of the fun yourself. We would be
delighted to see you.

                            Chris Brinson (10631)

LINCOLNSHIRE AND DISTRICT BRANCH                   Ùʐ®Ä ‘½ƒÙ» ‘çãÝ «®Ý ®Ù㫗ƒù ‘ƒ»›. ¥®ò› îÄçã›Ý ½ƒã›Ù 㫛
                                                   ½®Ä‘ʽÄÝ«®Ù› ƒÄ— —®ÝãÙ®‘㠐كđ« «ƒ— כ Ýçٛ 㫃ã 㫛
As a rule The Lincolnshire and District branch's   Ö½ƒã› óƒÝ ‘ÊÃÖ½›ã›½ù ›ÃÖãù.
first meeƟng of the year is set aside for our
Christmas dinner ouƟng, and this year was
no excepƟon. We decided to meet up at the
Chesters pub in Newark for this year's fesƟve

'Hang on' I hear you say 'why is the
Lincolnshire Branch meeƟng up in
Noƫnghamshire for a Christmas dinner in

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