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A NUMBER OF YOU will have known              Please let us know what it is and who might
Duncan White, who for many years was an      have made it by the 10th of the month, to
ardent member of our society, turning up     the or sparƟcles@
at every annual convention. He has sadly
had to resign from the society, due to poor
health. This picture shows him at the Lud-   1 3 THE PRESS was made by Alexander
low Caster in John Easson's Print-Shop,
Blairgowrie, during a meeting of the Scot-   Seggie of Rose Street, Edinburgh in about
tish Branch in October 2007. Duncan, we      1850 (Rose Street is now a street of up-market
all wish you well.                           shops just behind Princes Street).

                                             Thanks to Nick Smith (7951) for his answer.
                                             I can find liƩle about the firm, but know that
                                             they exported, as a cast iron frame was found
                                             in a garden in Melbourne! They seem to have
                                             been in direct compeƟƟon with D & J Greig &
                                             Son of Lothian Road, Edinburgh, who made a
                                             very similar press. (Edinburgh really was the
                                             prinƟng capital of the Empire in those days).

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