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Quick fix for the Adana Junior typecase

Adrian Towler [10068]


This fix is for the Adana Junior typecase, the 155 x 215mm, 36-division one. There must still be thousands of these around, with dividers made from plywood, plastic and sometimes hardboard. I had several but  acquired more from auctions, sell-offs and gifts. Each owner had made up their own lay, writing it onto the wood, often not very legibly. 

Adana Case Before

So during lockdown I tidied things up. I chose Optima as a fairly 'neutral’ typeface and decided on my preferred lay: just one for all (instead of one for upper case and a different one for u & l). It was created in Quark XPress and converted to a PDF. I get 12 on an A4 sheet of ‘flat pancake’ gummed paper and slice it into strips on a small rota-trim. See the photos for before & after.

I favour lick & stick as being fairly permanent and it can be soaked off if necessary, later. A self-adhesive sheet would work but it can lose its tack or become welded on with time. Obviously you can use any paper and glue, and cut carefully with scissors. The tricky strip is the centre one; I extend the red slashes with a pen, and also ink in a the tail of the Q which often gets trimmed off. It’s still a quick and easy method.

afterAdana Case After

Download the PDF