Page 17 - BPS Rules
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the same, notes are available for the guidance of members interested in starting
new ones and such advice on the formation of a Branch may be obtained from
the Secretary.
The proposed Branch shall elect from among its membership a Chairman,
Secretary and Treasurer and the names of those so elected shall be advised to
the Council, as shall any changes to the contact details of these officers.
The choice of name for the Branch must be approved by the Executive
Council. Before any Branch can be recognised, a resolution in the following
(or in similar) terms must be passed by the members of the proposed Branch,
submitted to the Society Secretary and approved by the Executive Council.
 `That the undersigned members of the British Printing Society request the
 approval of the Executive Council for the formation of a Branch with effect
 from..........(date), to be known as the.........Branch of the British Printing
 Society. If approval is given by the Executive Council then (name) of
 (address) will be the first Branch Secretary.’
This resolution should be followed by the signature and Society membership
number of the meeting’s chairman, secretary and treasurer and other local
members in favour of the proposal.
All members of a Branch must be paid-up members of the Society. Non-BPS
members may attend Branch meetings as guests, but they may not be listed as
Branch members, or contribute benefits to the Branch.
No Branch may use the Society name without the addition of the words
‘…………….. Branch’; neither shall it use the Society name to enter into any
course of action calculated to bring the Society into disrepute. No Branch may
pledge the credit of the Society as a whole or seek, by its actions, to make the
Society liable for any of those actions.
The Branch Secretary is expected to send reports of Branch meetings and
details of future Branch meetings to the Editor for publication in Small Printer.
An Annual Report should be sent to the Secretary or other nominated Officer,
along with a list of current Branch members.
Branch funds shall be entirely independent of the Society funds and no
statement need be furnished to the Society by the Branch unless the financial
aid of the Society is sought: however, Branch accounts shall be produced to the
Society Treasurer within fourteen days of any request by him.
Any Branch may be closed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive
Council after a full enquiry has been made into the facts of the case.

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