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It’s time to book your place (if you haven’t already) at the 2019 BPS Convention in Lincoln.

The Bentley Hotel, on the outskirts of Lincoln, offers all the facilities (restaurant, brasserie, swimming and much more) you’d expect from a Best Western hotel and if your partner doesn’t fancy a weekend of print-related chat, why not try mentioning that there’s both a garden centre and a beauty spa situated just next door.

Saturday morning will see the usual stalls and bring and buy tables and we are also presenting a spectacular typeface exhibition. There will aso be the usual meetings and AGMs, with the Society AGM taking place on Saturday afternoon in a well ventilated room. Admission to the event is free on the Saturday morning (and of course for members to the Society AGM in the afternoon), but if you would like to stay for the weekend then don’t delay and book today!

Mike Edwards
Peterborough, UK

Package Details

Bookings and further information: Paul Warne: thewarplepress@btconnect.com