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24 Vacancies on Executive Council

The power to fill any vacancy on the Executive Council (except the Convention
Branch Representative and Representative of a Specialist Group) is vested in
the Council.

25 Plurality of Offices

No member of the Council shall hold more than one Executive office at any one
time, but an Executive Officer may carry out the duties of a vacant office on a
temporary basis until such time as that office is filled. Where two people hold a
single membership both may not hold Executive Office concurrently.

26 Vacation of Office by Executive Officer or Councillor

A member of the Council shall automatically vacate his office if he:
 resigns his office by giving notice in writing to the Council;
 ceases to be a member of the Society;
 ceases to be resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
 Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
 is removed by a resolution of a two-thirds majority of the Society in a
 General Meeting;
 has had a receiving order made against him or makes any arrangement or
 composition with his creditors;
 is convicted of an indictable offence; or
 is unable or unwilling to carry out his duties as defined or instructed by the
A member of the Council may be removed from office by means of a vote of No
Confidence passed at a properly constituted Council meeting. To pass a vote of
No Confidence requires a two-thirds majority of members present and voting.
The Officer or Councillor concerned will have a right of reply but will not be
entitled to vote on the motion.

27 Co-options to the Executive Council

The Executive Council shall have the power to co-opt to fill any vacancy on the
Council except (i) a Convention representative and (ii) the representative of a
Specialist Group. Such co-opted Executive Officers or Councillors shall have
full voting rights and shall serve until the next Annual General Meeting, or for
a lesser period which shall be specified at the time of the co-option. They shall
be subject to all rules regarding being paid-up members. Not more than two
co-opted members shall serve on the Council at any one time.

28 Management of the Society

The Council shall manage the property and the affairs of the Society
in accordance with the Rules. If the Rules are silent in any particular
circumstances the Council is empowered to act as it sees fit in the best interests
of the Society until the next General meeting.

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