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12 Extraordinary General Meetings

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called either by the Council or
on the written request of one-tenth of the members entitled to vote at such
meetings. Such a request shall be delivered in writing to both the President
and to the Secretary specifying the reason for calling the meeting and shall
be signed by the members desirous of calling a meeting. The meeting shall be
held at a date and venue to be decided by the Council within three months of
the date of receipt by the Secretary of the written request. Proxy voting will be
allowed in accordance with Appendix B.

13 Notice of General Meetings

At least twenty-one days’ notice of a General Meeting shall be sent by post to
every member who is entitled to vote. The notice shall specify the place and the
day of the meeting, and shall be deemed to be served on the sixth day after it is
properly addressed, prepaid and posted. The accidental omission to give notice
of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of such notice by, any member shall not
invalidate any resolution passed, or any proceedings held at any meeting.

14 Business to be conducted at General Meetings

In the case of the Annual General Meeting, this shall be the normal
consideration of the Accounts and Balance Sheet, the reports of the Executive
Council and of the Independent Examiner and the election of the required
officers of the Executive Council. Following this any special business or
propositions that have been received by the Secretary at the date announced in
Small Printer will be dealt with. In the case of Extraordinary General Meetings
the business to be transacted shall be restricted to the subject given in the
written request for the meeting.

15 Quorums of General Meetings

For the Annual General Meeting the quorum shall be eleven. For an
Extraordinary General Meeting the quorum shall be three-quarters of the
members calling for the meeting in the written request. No business shall be
transacted at either the Annual General Meeting or any Extraordinary Meeting
unless a quorum of members is present when the meeting proceeds to business
at the appointed time, or within one hour thereafter. In the case of a meeting
convened on the requisition of members, it shall be dissolved if no quorum is
present. In the case of an Annual General Meeting the members present one
hour thereafter shall form a quorum and the meeting may proceed.

16 Adjourned Meetings

No general meeting shall be adjourned.

17 Voting

Voting by the membership, where necessary, will be in accordance with
Appendix B. Voting taken at an Executive Council meeting shall comply with
Rule 30.

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