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subscription. The Group shall be able to purchase additional copies of Small
Printer at a price to be fixed by the Council.

5 Applications for Membership
A person shall not be admitted to membership of the Society unless he has (a)
completed an application form to become a member of the Society and has
agreed to be bound by the Rules for the time being and (b) paid the agreed

6 Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions for the coming year shall be set by the Executive
Council, announced at the AGM, and advertised in Small Printer.

7 Cessation of Membership

A member may resign at any time on giving notice in writing to the Secretary
or the Membership Secretary. No portion of the membership fee will be

8 Expulsion

A member may not be expelled for misconduct from the Society unless a
full enquiry has been made and the member has been given a reasonable
opportunity of being heard by or communicating with the Council. Such
expulsion is to be effected by a resolution of a two-thirds majority of the
Council. In the event of an expulsion being ordered, no portion of the
membership fee for the current year shall be returned.

9 Subscription Renewals

Membership subscription renewals will be managed in accordance with
Appendix A to these Rules.

10 Honorary Members

The Council may nominate any person who has given outstanding service
to the Society for election to the honorary office of Honorary Member at a
General Meeting. If so elected he shall serve for a period of three years and
may attend Council meetings as an observer at his own expense. At the end of
the three-year period he shall be eligible for re-election. An Honorary Member
pays no subscription during his period of office but receives all the benefits
of membership. He has no specific duties but may be called on to assist the
President and Council.

11 Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting shall be held once every calendar year between
1st April and 30th June at such a time and place as may be determined by the

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