Page 2 - BPS Rules
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This document incorporates both the Society Rules,
as revised in 2002, and the Society Handbook, published in 2001,

                                and replaces both.

                The revision of the Rules contained herein
     includes changes to the structure of the Executive Council,

                   as agree at the Society AGM in 2007;
 the opportunity has been taken of simplifying some other Rules.

These Rules were balloted and agreed by the membership in 2008;
                 they came into effect in December 2008.

                      All previous Rules are rescinded.

The majority of the information formerly given in the Handbook
                  has been incorporated as Appendices.

          These include a revised Appendix H agreed at the
          Executive Council Meeting on 2nd February 2013.

         A copy of the Rules is provided free to all Members.

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