Page 16 - BPS Rules
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A committee shall be set up and this will comprise a Chairman and Secretary,
elected from members of the Group. The Group may also appoint a Treasurer
and other officers from their number.
The Group will be expected to submit an Annual Report.
Any paid-up member of the Society is eligible to join the Group and requests
to join shall be made to the Secretary of the Group. All members of the Group
shall also be paid-up members of the Society. Members of the Group must
notify changes of address to the Secretary of the Group in addition to their
official notification to the Society.
If the Group so decides, a supplementary subscription shall be payable
annually. The Group shall agree a set of Rules pertinent to the running of the
Group and these are subject to approval by the Council.

Appendix G: The Society Library
The Society’s Library contains advanced and elementary books on printing
and closely related crafts, business organisation and costing, private press
books and specimens of printing. The Library book list is obtainable from
the Librarian. Gifts from members of suitable books for the Library are most
Books may be borrowed, free of charge, by any member who is resident in the
British Isles, and are mailed to members’ addresses in the British Isles only.
The Society will pay the outbound postage but the cost of returning the book(s)
to the Library must be met by the member. All requests for, and returns of,
books shall be sent to the Librarian, whose address is in the Membership List.
Requests for books shall give the name, address and membership number of
the borrower, the titles and reference numbers of the books wanted.
Members may not have more than three books from the Library at any one
time. The loan period for each book is restricted to four weeks. Any member
wishing to retain a book beyond this period must apply to the Librarian for
permission to do so. Extension will normally be granted, provided that no
other member has requested the book.
Books are normally sent out by second class or parcel post. Borrowers are
asked to note the method of wrapping used, and to wrap in a similar way
when returning books. Borrowers are asked to renew the wrapping when
necessary. An addressed label for the return will be provided.

Appendix H: Branches
There are a number of Branches of the Society around the country and the
names and contact details of Branch Secretaries are published in Small Printer.
All members of the Society are welcome to attend any of the publicised
meetings although it may be prudent to contact the Branch Secretary to
ensure that arrangements are still as published. Where no local Branch exists,
members in a particular area may like to consider forming one. Some notes on
the formation and administration of Branches are given below.
Local Branches are an integral part of the Society, but it is the Society’s policy to
allow members the maximum freedom to run branches in whatever way seems
most suitable in their particular district. Although no two branches are quite

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