Page 15 - BPS Rules
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Any change of address should be sent to the Membership Secretary, who will
pass the information to the Editor for inclusion in Small Printer each month. A
change of address should also be sent to the Mailer of a Specialist Group if this
is appropriate. All payments to the Society must be made in sterling currency.
Cheques must be made payable to ‘The British Printing Society’.
The deadline for submission of copy to be included in Small Printer is indicated
inside the front cover of each issue.
The ‘Bundle’ refers to the collection of items in the monthly envelope which
contains Small Printer. ‘Stuffing the bundle’ is the inclusion in the bundle
envelope of a copy of each item accepted for distribution by the Mailer.
Members are encouraged to submit items for inclusion in the Bundle, especially
examples of their own printing. The number of items required such that one is
sent to each member is shown on the inside front cover of the magazine.

Appendix E: mailing of Small Printer, the Bundle, and other items
It is the responsibility of the Mailer to oversee distribution of (i) official
publications such as Small Printer, its Index, the Membership List, etc., (ii)
members’ own publications, (iii) members’ private circulars and (iv) trade
circulars. Small Printer and the bundle are posted so that members receive
their copy as close to the start of each month as possible; except in special
circumstances as authorised by the President or Secretary, no delay in posting
of the bundle is permitted.
Items accepted for mailing are included in the monthly bundle with Small
Printer and mailed to every member of the Society. Items will not be accepted
unless they are (or are folded to) not larger than A5. They must be received
by the Mailer no later than the 25th of the month. The Mailer may, at his sole
discretion, withhold any one or more of the items received for distribution if by
their inclusion the Society would incur unnecessary additional postal expenses.
He may withhold any item until such time as Executive Council approval is
given for its circulation. There is no charge for the mailing of members’ own
publications as long as they do not contain advertising material. In their own
interests, members should ensure that all parcels sent to the Mailer are securely
packed and properly addressed.
The mailing of trade circulars (accepted from both members and non-
members) and of members’ private sales and wants are at the rates decided by
the Executive Council and published in Small Printer. Payment in full must be
received by the Mailer before such items can be distributed.
Sufficient copies of any Bundle item should be sent for distribution to all
members. If insufficient copies of any item are received, the Mailer will decide
who receives them. The number of copies required for distribution to all
members is given on the inside front cover of Small Printer.

Appendix F: Specialist Groups
A Specialist Group, with an interest in a particular aspect of printing, can be set
up by a group of interested members. They do not need to be geographically
close to one another.
The name of the Group shall be the British Printing Society * * * * * * Group.

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