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counted and checked in the presence of at least two other Society members,
none of whom shall be a nominee. Any spoilt papers will be recorded.
Generally the result will be achieved by a simple majority unless previously
agreed otherwise.
Vote by proxy
Proxy voting will be allowed for a vote taken at an Extraordinary General
Meeting; it does not apply at an Annual General Meeting. A ‘proxy voting
form’ shall be sent to each eligible member of the Society together with the
announcement of the Meeting; any member (the absent member’) who is
unable to attend the Meeting, but who wishes to have his views represented,
may complete such a form and return it to the Secretary by the specified date.
The form must be signed by the absent member and must name another
member (the proxy member’) whom he believes will be present at the meeting.
Both members must give their membership numbers. The proxy member is
then entitled to vote on behalf of the absent member. A ‘proxy’ member may
act as proxy to any number of ‘absent’ members, provided the forms are
completed and returned, but the proxy member may not appoint another
member as his proxy.

Appendix C: Society Awards
The President’s Award is made each year at the following Annual Convention
to the member who, in the opinion of the President, is considered most eligible
to receive it.
The Printer of the Year Cup is awarded for an outstanding piece of printing,
circulated within the Society, either in the Bundle, through a Group (see
Appendix F) or at the Convention.
The Beatrice Warde Trophy is awarded for the best article published in Small
Printer during the previous year.
The Publishing Group Cup and the Publishing Group Award are presented
for outstanding contributions circulated to Publishing Group members in
either bundle.
The Sussex Cup is awarded for the best Convention souvenir chosen by the
speaker at the Dinner from the keepsake bundle.
The Coles Award is given to anyone under 18 years winning the open
The Brace Award is a long-service award given to a member who has served
the Society over a number of years.
The Rosen Award is awarded for the best co-operative publication by a Branch
in the previous calendar year.
Thank You Certificates may be presented to non-members of the Society for
exceptional services to the Society.

Appendix D: General notes
When writing to Officers of the Society, please enclose a stamped, self-
addressed envelope if a reply is required. Contact details will be found in the
Membership List or inside the front cover of each issue of Small Printer. Please
note that all officers and councillors are unpaid and many have a full-time job.

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