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Appendix A: Membership Subscription Renewals
A member’s subscription shall expire at the end of the month [the renewal
date] immediately prior to the anniversary of the date on which he became a
member of the Society and a renewal notice will be sent to him in the Bundle of
the preceding month.
If his renewal subscription is received by the Membership Secretary before the
renewal date his membership will be renewed for a further year.
If it is received within six months of the renewal date his membership shall
continue with the same membership number although he shall not be entitled
to any missed issues of Small Printer.
If he fails to renew his membership within six months of the renewal date he
shall be removed from the membership and should he then wish to renew
his subscription he will be treated as a new member and issued with a new
membership number.
A receipt will not be issued in respect of a membership subscription renewal
unless a specific request is made and accompanied by a stamped addressed

Appendix B: voting by the membership
Show of hands
If a vote is necessary during the course of a General Meeting it will be by show
of hands, and a simple majority will suffice. In the event of a tie the Chairman
of the meeting shall have a casting vote (in addition to his own vote).
Postal ballot
A postal ballot shall be conducted in the following way:
Sufficient ballot papers shall be prepared to enable every paid-up member of
the Society to receive one; the paper shall contain the name of each candidate, a
box against each name, and a serial number
The closing date for the receipt of ballot papers shall be agreed
Each paid-up member of the Society shall be sent the following no later than 30
days before the closing date:
 A ballot paper
 A UK pre-paid envelope addressed to an agreed Officer of the Society
 A second envelope of such a size that it will comfortably fit inside the
 pre-paid envelope; on this will be printed spaces for name and membership
 Instructions on completing the ballot paper
Each member should, on receipt of the ballot paper, mark a cross against
his chosen candidate. He should then seal the ballot paper in the smaller
envelope and complete his name and membership number on the outside of
the envelope. He should then seal the smaller envelope inside the pre-paid
envelope and post it.
When the closing date has been reached the agreed Officer of the Society will
open the pre-paid envelopes. He will then check that for each of the smaller
envelopes the name and membership number matches that of a current
member, putting aside any that do not match.
The smaller envelopes will then be opened and the ballot papers extracted,

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