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43 Banking

The Society shall maintain a bank account with a Clearing Bank. All monies
received for the Society by the various officers or members shall, with the
sole exception of sundry postage stamps received in payment of postage, be
delivered to the Treasurer or paid into the Society’s bank account and a receipt
obtained therefore and sent to the Treasurer. All payments out of the Society’s
funds shall be by means of cheques drawn on, or credit transfers issued from,
the Society’s bank account. Cheques drawn on the Society’s bank account shall
be signed by any two of the following: the Treasurer, the President, the Vice-
President, the Secretary.

44 Inspection of accounts

The accounts of the Society shall be examined at least once in every year and
a Statement of Accounts and a Balance Sheet be prepared by an Independent
Examiner, whose appointment shall be agreed at the AGM. No member of the
Council shall be appointed as an Examiner.

45 Presentations of Accounts at the AGM

The Council shall lay before the Society at the AGM a bound set of Accounts
for the previous calendar year made up to the 31st December, together with a
Balance Sheet made up as at the same date, signed by the Treasurer. A report
from the Independent Examiner shall be included in the bound Accounts.

46 Winding-Up

If, in the opinion of the membership, the Society reaches a point where it
is no longer a viable organisation due either to membership numbers or to
financial considerations, then a motion to wind-up the society shall be placed
before the membership. If upon the winding-up or dissolution of the Society
there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property
whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of
the Society. It shall be given or transferred to some other organisation having
objects similar to the objects of the Society; such an organisation must be
agreed by the members of this Society at or before the time of its dissolution.

47 Notices

All notices to members that require them to contact an Officer of the Society
shall contain appropriate contact information. The closing date, if relevant,
must also be given.

48 Alteration to Rules

Before any alteration shall be made to these Rules:
 a resolution shall be passed either by the Executive Council or at an AGM
 that the proposed alteration be resolved by postal ballot;
 a postal ballot shall be conducted in accordance with Appendix B; and
 the proposed alteration to the Rules shall be effected if two-thirds of the
 unspoilt votes cast were in favour of it.

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