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35 Organisation of Convention

The Council shall endeavour to ensure that a Convention is held once in each
calendar year, the date and venue of which shall coincide with the Annual
General Meeting (see Rule 11). The Council shall take all reasonable steps
to conform to the wishes of members in respect of the date and venue of the

36 Publication of Executive Council Decisions

All items discussed at all meetings of the Executive Council shall be minuted.
Minutes of the EC meeting and all resolutions of the Executive Council, or of
any Committee to which the Council has delegated any of its powers, shall be
published in Small Printer as soon as reasonable after meetings.

37 Use of Income or Property

The Council shall ensure that the income and property of the Society shall be
applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Society as set out in
Rule 3 and any item surplus to the needs of the Society will be advertised in
Small Printer.

38 Payment for work done for the Society

Members (except Council members) printing work ordered on behalf of the
Society are expected to make a fair charge for the work. Substantial and or
frequently reprinted work will be put out to tender. If any member of the
Council offers to print any work for the Society, this work shall be done for not
more than the cost of the consumed materials.

39 Paid Offices within the Society

No office in the Society shall attract a salary or wage.

40 Payment of expenses

Members of the Council may claim repayment of reasonable out-of-pocket
expenses solely and necessarily incurred in carrying out their duties, including
travelling to and from Council meetings (with the exception of any meeting
held in conjunction with a Convention).

41 Financial Records

The Council shall cause proper and sufficient account of the capital, funds,
receipts and expenditure of the Society to be kept. The Books of Account shall
be available at all general meetings of the Society for inspection by members;
otherwise, at least 21 days written notice must be given to the Treasurer by
any member of the Society wishing to inspect the Books. All vouchers will be
available for inspection at the Annual General Meeting.

42 Contract

No officer or member of the Society may contract any debt on behalf of the
Society except by Resolution of the Council.

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