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29 Meetings of the Executive Council

The Council shall meet in person at least four times in each year other than
at the AGM. Twenty-one days’ notice shall be given of such meetings. The
President, or in his absence the Vice-President, shall be Chairman. If neither is
present the members present shall elect one of their number to be Chairman.
Four members shall constitute a quorum.

30 Majority Required for Decisions

At a meeting of the Council, each member present shall have one vote, except
that in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or
casting vote. A decision of the Council shall be by a simple majority of those
present except in the case of Rule 8 (Expulsions) or Rule 26 (Vacation of Office)
where a two-thirds majority of those present is required.

31 Standing and Special Committees

The Council may appoint Standing and Special Committees and may delegate
any of their powers to any such Committee, with the exception of powers or
functions of the Council under Rules 8 (expulsion of member), 26 (removal of
Executive Officer or Councillor) or 33 (appointment of non-Executive officers).
All Committees shall, in the exercise of powers delegated to them and the
transaction of business, conform to such direction that may be given them by
the Council; they will report details of their proceedings to the Council. The
President shall ex officio be a member of all Committees appointed by the

32 Standing Orders

The Council may from time to time formulate such Standing Orders for the
effectual administration of its affairs as it considers necessary and may, in like
manner, revoke, amend or add to any Standing Order so made. No Standing
Order shall conflict or be inconsistent with these Rules.

33 Appointment of Non-Executive Officers
Non-Executive Officers, who assist with the running of the Society (such as
Mailer, Editor, Membership Secretary, Enquiries Officer, Webmaster, Publicity
Officer), will be appointed by the Council and such appointments shall
normally be for three years (see Rule 22). All vacancies for such appointments
will be advertised in Small Printer. Non-Executive Officers shall be reimbursed
for out of-pocket expenses solely and necessarily incurred in the execution of
their duties provided they submit accounts to the Treasurer. Such expenses
shall not include travelling to and from the AGM or attendance at the AGM.

34 Publication of Small Printer

The Council shall be responsible for ensuring the publication of Small Printer,
the magazine of the Society, and the distribution to each member as stated in
Rule 4.

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